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2000 Columns

What Was The Star of Bethlehem? (December 30, 2000)

The Perfect Christmas Gift (December 23, 2000)

How to Overcome America's Racial Divide (December 16, 2000)

Fatherhood Negatively Portrayed on TV (December 9, 2000)

A Dialogue On The Subject of Power (December 2, 2000)

A Christian Declaration on Marriage (November 25, 2000)

''The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce'' - Part II - Answers (November 18, 2000)

''The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce'' - Part 1 - Children's Pain (November 11, 2000)

How Will Christians Vote In The Election? (November 4, 2000)

My 1,000th Weekly Column (October 28, 2000)

Maine Should Vote No On Assisted Suicide (October 21, 2000)

"All It Takes Is Love, Sweet Love" (October 14, 2000)

"Charitable Choice" (October 7, 2000)

Congress Passes Religious Liberty Act (September 30, 2000)

"Lists To Live By" (September 23, 2000)

What Should Be Done About Violence in Media? (September 16, 2000)

Should Political Candidates Talk About God? (September 9, 2000)

Making Marriage A Political Issue (September 2, 2000)

Why Discard Embryos? Adopt Them (August 26, 2000)

How To ''End Child Poverty'' (August 19,2000)

Joe Lieberman: A Righteous Jew (August 12, 2000)

The Threat to Christianity From The East (August 5, 2000)

Congress Passes Marital Tax Relief (July 29, 2000)

''Prevention Does Work'' (July 22, 2000)

Episcopalians Accept and Support Homosexuality (July 15, 2000)

Marriage Ministry A Way To Save Nine of Ten Bad Marriages - Part 3 of 3 (July 8, 2000)

A New "Marriage Movement" - Part 2 of 3 (July 1, 2000)

Heritage Foundation Calls For Political Leadership on Marriage - Part 1 of 3 (June 24, 2000)

Southern Baptists Revise Faith & Message Statement (June 17, 2000)

''Sex Without Strings, Relationships Without Rings'' (June 10, 2000)

Guns, God, and Children (June 3, 2000)

Supreme Court Approves All Day Cable Porn (May 27, 2000)

What Should America Do About Chinese Persecution? (May 20, 2000)

United Methodists Resist Homosexual Demands (May 13, 2000)

Christian Churches Agree On Strategy To Save Marriages (May 5, 2000)

Do Boy Scouts Have To Hire Homosexuals? (April 29, 2000)

Finally, An Easter Prime Time Show On Jesus! (April 22, 2000)

Adoption A Growing Option Thanks To Bill Pierce (April 15, 2000)

Time For Truth (April 8, 2000)

Academy Awards Pedophia, Bisexuality, Violence (April 1, 2000)

Pope Shows Compassion to Arabs and Jews (March 25, 2000)

The Pope's Extraordinary Mea Culpa (March 18, 2000)

The New National Association of Evangelicals (March 11, 2000)

The Combustible Mixture of Religion And Politics (March 4, 2000)

Tom Landry: A Man of God and Football (February 26, 2000)

What British Christians Are Doing To Improve Relationships (February 19, 2000)

Marriage Tax Penalty Could Be Removed (February 12, 2000)

For Valentine's Day: Consider Chastity (Part 2) (February 5, 2000)

For Valentine's Day: Consider Courtship (Part 1) (January 29, 2000)

A New Clinton Sex Scandal (January 22, 2000)

Should Vermont Create Same Sex Marriage? No! (January 15, 2000)

Prayers For A New Millennium (January 8, 2000)

Hard Questions About "The Biotech Century" (January 1, 2000)

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