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September 5, 2007
Column #1,358
The Need to Fight Anonymous Public Sex
by Mike McManus

The arrest and guilty plea of Sen. Larry Craig to "disorderly conduct" in a men's public toilet stall is a snapshot of the sordid underbelly of gay sex.  Why would a U.S. Senator risk his entire career for a few moments of anonymous sex? 

Clearly, this was not a rational decision.  It was a compulsive one, driven by a perversion that sadly, is part of homosexuality. 

That's why gay marriage should be opposed, not supported. Some argue the opposite. By legalizing gay marriage, liberal heterosexuals presume it will create a "safe place" for homosexual sex.

On the contrary, every accommodation the straight culture accedes to homosexuality will attract more people to this perverted subculture.  Despite the image that Hollywood purports of the fit, healthy and well-adjusted homosexual, the reality is quite different. The average male homosexual has hundreds of sex partners. 

A Family Research Council report, "The Negative Effects of Homosexuality," cites research by A.P. Bell and M.S. Weinberg documenting that 43 percent of white gay men had sex with 500 or more partners, with 28 percent having over 1,000 sexual encounters.

In "The Male Couple," authors David McWhiter and Andrew Mattison reported that in a study of 156 males in "committed" relationships of one to 37 years, only seven couples had a totally exclusive sexual relationship, and these men were together for less than five years. Outside sexual activity is normal, even in "gay marriage."

Despite 20 years of education on how anal sex leads to AIDS, the Centers for Disease Control report that the proportion of homosexuals having anal sex over three years increased from 57.6 to 61.2 percent, and those doing so without condoms jumped from 23.6 to 33.3 percent.

The Internet has made gay "cruising" for sexual hookups easy.  Gay websites publicize which men's rooms are likely to have "hot" sex. If you were the elected leader of a city, what could you do to protect the general public from exposure to this tawdry behavior?

San Francisco, the capital of gay sex, has installed automated, self-cleaning toilets with solid walls rather than semi-partitions and with timers that open locked doors, resulting in reducing unwanted "social activity."

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle proposed buying automated stalls for beach areas. Though they cost $250,000 each, they were less than the $500,000 concrete, hurricane-proof units the city had been considering. He noted they would frustrate thrill-seekers, thwarting cruising homosexuals and protecting young boys from witnessing lewd behavior. The city commission initially approved his proposal.

A reporter asked Naugle why he called gays, homosexuals. He replied, "Many gays are unhappy, not `gay.'"

Naugle had also voted against adding a homosexually-oriented wing to a public library that featured hard-core, sexually explicit magazines with titles such as "Ball Boys" and "Incest Father and Son Inc." Oddly, the local newspaper, the Sun Sentinel and even the United Way pledged money to build it. City Commissioners said, "We are not in the censorship business," and approved it by a 3-2 vote.

His two stands against sexual perversion brought out legions of homosexual activists who called him "homophobic," "bigoted," and full of "hate speech." Even the county Tourist Board attacked him for undermining Broward County's reputation as a "gay-friendly" vacation destination.

Naugle, in his sixth term as mayor, called a press conference July 24 to "apologize." A huge press corps turned out with cameras rolling, ready to enjoy their latest "example of self-immolation on the pyre of political correctness," wrote columnist Robert Knight. 

However, Naugle surprisingly apologized not to the gays but to "the children and the parents of our community" for not being aware of "how serious the problem was of sexual activity that is taking place in bathrooms and public parks." He noted a gay website had 13 pages of listings which rated the city's gay guesthouses, public parks, and men's rooms for perverted sex.  

Then he dropped a bombshell. "Fort Lauderdale is Number 1 in the nation for new cases of HIV-AIDS of 74 percent involving men having sex with men. One in five homosexual men are HIV positive, with 20,442 living with AIDS. Many give it to their wives and girl friends."

The Mayor noted that the Tourist Board was so interested in attracting gay tourists that it published pictures of nude men in a guesthouse, while the Health Department remained mute

The shocked board ejected Naugle from its membership for hurting tourism.

However, a local gay newspaper advised readers "to stay out of parks and public places."

Naugle considered it a "partial victory" in his campaign to attract more families as tourists.


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