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Ethics & Religion
Column #1,993
October 24, 2019
Block Porn From Your Home
By Mike McManus

Good news! You can block pornography from your computer and from your phones and those of your children!

There is no more important step you can take to keep the destructive harm of porn out of your home and to protect the innocence of your children.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that 56% of divorces involve one spouse's obsessive interest in porn websites. Men who use porn are 300 times more likely to have an affair than those who avoid the temptation.

An article in JAMA Psychiatry reports an equally alarming and widely unknown phenomenon - that "Pornography consumption is associated with decreased brain volume in the right striatum, decreased left striatum activation, and lower functional connectivity to the prefrontal cortex."

Yikes! Decreased brain volume and more than half of all divorces!

Patrick Trueman, President of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, correctly asserts that "Pornography is now a public health crisis, and every family in America has been harmed by it, or is concerned about the potential."

How can you block porn from your computer or phone?

The American Family Organization has created a "Mobile Web Guard," a filter that you can install on your computer or I-phone for $34.95 per year. That's less than $3 a month per device. There are other organizations which offer a similar service, but are much more expensive.

Every individual and every family needs this protection.

Here's how to sign up. Go to You will be given one option to sign up by following a number of instructions. But I recommend that you call the 800 number and have someone at AFO help you through the process. It is fairly complicated, and having an expert guide you is helpful. If you have an I-Phone, or your children do, follow the same procedure for each device.

AFO will block hard core porn from entering your home and the lives of your family.

This happens to be "White Ribbon Against Pornography Week." What better time to protect your family from the harm of pornography?

I suggest that this be a topic of discussion for the whole family. You might say that each of us has two brains - the feeling brain and the thinking brain. The feeling brain is all about instinct, appetites and desires. Pornography activates the feeling brain, and over time can give it power to hijack the thinking brain.

The thinking brain is the part of the brain that understands consequences and puts the brake on our appetites. Kids might be told that the thinking brain is the Super Hero that needs to triumph over their feeling brain that is very curious about seeing pictures of naked people.

Even if you connect all of your kids' I-phones to AFO, they will see porn on the I-phones of their friends. "That's pornography, and it can be very harmful," your child might say to their friends. "I am not going to look at it. Let's do something else."

The average age of exposure to porn is only 11. Early exposure leads to low self-esteem, since the bodies of most people are not as beautiful or muscular as those depicted in porn.

Tell your children some of the sobering facts.

  • On average, four of five 16-year-olds are now regularly accessing porn on line.
  • Girls consuming pornography are several times more likely to engage in group sex than those who do not.
  • Some teenage girls are sexually exploited by men who lure them into prostitution.
  • That world is so depressing, some girls commit suicide.

Others are unable to form a healthy relationship with someone of the opposite sex. And America's marriage rate has plunged. There were actually more marriages in 1970 (2,159,000) than in 2015 (2,077,000). With the growth of population, there should have been 1.3 million more marriages.

Sadly, millions have become so addicted to watching pornography, even after they are married. The result is often a divorce.

However, there is now a proven answer. Remove pornography from your computers and phones and those of your children.

Go to the American Family Organization, and sign up!


Copyright (c) 2019 Michael J. McManus, a syndicated columnist and past president of Marriage Savers. To read past columns, go to Hit Search for any topic.


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