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... " On July 24, 1974 the Supreme Court ordered Nixon to turn over the ... proposal and said he would go to court to compel Nixon to release the tapes ...
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... . Gays have similar suits before state supreme courts in New Jersey and Washington, ... could legalize gay marriage in those states. Yet only 45 U.S. Senators supported ...
Terms matched: 2
... a slim 4-3 margin, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to legalize same ... marriage. That touched off a drive to define marriage as "one man, ...
Terms matched: 2
... minds. He did pledge to appoint Supreme Court justices like John Roberts and Antonin ... and noted as mayor that he increased adoptions by 133 percent while decreasing abortions by ...
Terms matched: 2
... . Connecticut, that went to the Supreme Court in which the Justices voted 7-2 ... the Bill of Rights implicitly included a right to privacy, which overturned bans on ...
Terms matched: 2
... their property to Episcopalians in a Virginia Supreme Court case in 2012. The court ... not only the property, but incredibly, the Falls Church bank account as well ...
Terms matched: 2
... to private ownership, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the cross in the ... could continue to stand. However, the Obama Administration has refused to allow the ...
Terms matched: 2
... and Massachusetts. (All three Iowa Supreme Court Justices voting for gay marriage who ... law passed by the legislature or by court decision. Whenever the public could vote ...
Terms matched: 2
... Clean Air Act. The U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to block the EPA ... pending a ruling on its legality. That issue was taken to the D.C. ...
Terms matched: 2
... in November, gays asked the California Supreme Court to overturn the second vote of ... law suit was filed in a federal court, where the normal defenders of present ...
Terms matched: 2
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