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... . "Let's understand what sexting is. It is children producing and distributing child pornography. It is taboo for anyone to be involved in this." Why ...
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... sexual commodity." She cited FBI research of jailed sex offenders who possessed child pornography, 85 percent admitted to abusing children. She added, "Obscenity is ...
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... only three episodes. While the show did not feature nudity, "Playboy took pornography mainstream and has hard core pornography on cable," said Pat Trueman, ...
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... international sexual trafficking of two million women and children sold into prostitution and hard core pornography across national borders each year. These numbers are on a par with the ...
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... of American men, and a surprising 30% of women who regularly look at pornography. STOP watching it. Can you stop for the remaining five weeks of ...
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... incredible opinion this week, that it OK for Cable TV to broadcast hard core pornography depicting intercourse with the signal only partially scrambled, at any time, so ...
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... ,'' says Dr. Jerry Kirk, Chairman of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography.'Bush will enforce the laws on the books on both obscenity and ...
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... Lawyers says that 56% of all divorces involve the addiction of one spouse to pornography. Today's zero enforcement is in stark contrast to what happened when Ronald Reagan ...
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... 367 AFA's Impact on the Media by Mike McManus At a recent Maryland Coalition Against Pornography meeting a woman asked a penetrating question, after hearing speakers describe the problem ...
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... , even as a very visible EEOC Chairman. Millions of men are addicted to pornography. It is a marriage killer. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers published ...
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